All Attribute given by ls –l in Unix/Linux

Unix and Linux

SHARE THIS:   ls -l is very basic and useful command in Unix/Linux whenever we need to get list of files and directories along with all attributes. Here we need to understand about all attribute so that we could use them as per our requirement. ls:- this command is used to get list of files and directories.… (Continue Reading)

How to get list of all directory in Unix

Unix and Linux

SHARE THIS:  We get such kind of requirement where we need to find all existing directory including sub-directories. This is very basic requirement and interview question as well. To find out all existing directory list we will use only basic command like- ls:- ls command is used for listing files and directory. grep:- grep command… (Continue Reading)

Google Shopping: A New Way To Shop In India


SHARE THIS:  Google is a new entrant in the e-tailers domain in the Indian market with its service named Google Shopping. India is a hotspot market for internet and e-commerce services and Google is trying to capture it through its Google Shopping Services. Online shopping has made our life easier and products are more accessible… (Continue Reading)